Manual and Automatic intensive driving courses

Driving Crash Courses with Pass2success

If you need to pass your driving test in a short scale of times, intensive driving courses are for you (also commonly known as quick pass driving crash courses) gives you the chance to reduce the amount of times it takes you to pass your driving test.


All Our intensive driving courses are run by local driving instructor has extensive knowledge of chosen test centre, not only do they have the training to offer you but also local knowledge of the driving test route. Over the years Pass2Success built up very good reputations of getting learner to pass their test on first and second attempt on intensive driving courses, each intensive driving course run over consecutive days - All of our intensive driving crash courses are run 1 to 1 basis with just you and the driving instructor in the car. All our driving school car fitted with CCTV camera for learner safety. 

We cover most areas in Birmingham.

Please not all course are 3 to 5 hours a day every day until course finish, also please choose your course carefully and for all courses deposit require so that our instructor can book all training slots confidently to their diary and we can also book your practical driving test for you and final balance day before training start. If you don't need practical test we can deduct test fee £62.00 of prices. 


All Our Intensive Driving Course Include test fee and all our training carried out by local instructor at chosen test centre areas

6 hours over 1 Days

Retest Course -1 day crash course suitable for learner who just failed a driving test and need to correct any minor issues (test fee included) 



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12 hours Course

Refresher Course - This is designed for people who have failed a test and need help getting to the required standard (test fee included) 


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15 hours Course

An ideal intensive driving course for people who need to regain their confidence after a failed test (test fee included) 


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20 hours Course

This intensive driving course is suitable for people who have gained considerable driving experience but have not reached the standard required to pass (test fee included) 


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25 hours Course

A popular intensive driving course for people with minimal driving experience but feel competent with the basics (test fee included) 


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30 hours Course

Confident learners with little driving experience will benefit from this crash course (test fee included) 


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35 hours Course

Confident mature learners with little driving experience will benefit from this crash course (test fee included) 


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40 hours Course

 This package will appeal to novices who require driving tuition from beginning to end (test fee included) 


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50 hours Course

This Course is for the nervous beginners with no driving experience and who needs a little more help  (test fee included) 



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